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    Kristin Dowling
     Department:  MATH
     Email:  kdowling@lakeland.k12.nj.us

     Phone Extension: 801
    Welcome Back!  
    • Classwork, Homework and Announcements will all be poste on your child's GOOGLE CLASSROOM page.  
    • Students should access the Google Classroom page through the Google Suite for any information that you may be seeking regarding our class.  If you are parent or guardian, please contatct me with any questions you may have regarding this topic.
    • I will be available for EXTRA HELP on WEDNESDAYS after school.
    • Grading Policies and Expectations were sent home on the first day of class and due back with your child's and your signatures.  Please contact me via email if you need another copy.
       *   Students are given an opportunity to make up homework assignments the next day only.
       *   If students are ABSENT on the day of a test or quiz they will have ONE week to make 
            arrangements to make up this assessment.  Failure to do so will result in a zero on the
       *   Projects will be assigned with a due date of at least TWO weeks. 
            Failure to hand in  a project on time will result in a deduction of 5 points per calendar
             day. (EXAMPLE:  If the project is due Friday September 7 and a student hands it in
             on Tuesday September 11 the project is 4 calendars late and has a 20 point deduction.)

    ACADEMIC DISHONESTY:  As per the LRHS Academic Dishonesty policy, all students in violation of the policy will be reported to administration.  As required, the following assignments are classified as TIER 1: homework and classwork assignments; TIER 2: tests, quizzes and projects.  Please follow the policy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!