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    Patricia Kebrdle

    Email:  pkebrdle@lakeland.k12.nj.us 

    Marking Period GradeGrades are compiled by adding up the total number of points each student has accumulated over the course of the marking period and dividing them by the total number of points possible. Points are accumulated through homework assignments, class-work, quizzes, tests, projects and, on occasion, extra credit. 

    • Each Homework assignment is usually 10-20 points.
    • Each Class-work assignment is usually 10-20 points.
    • Each Quiz is approximately 50 points.
    • Each Test is approximately 100 points.
    • Projects will vary in their values depending on the complexity.

    Late Work: Tardy Assignments are accepted for partial credit up to 5 class days after due date, each day late is a deduction of one letter grade. 

    Extra Help: I am available Block 3 or 5 and afterschool every week.  Contact me for an appointment.

    LRHS Academic Dishonesty, Policy 5701: The district has instituted a new policy that defines academic dishonesty as the unauthorized or unapproved use or assistance of another’s work or idea with the intent to deceive a teacher or school administrator, or falsely represent one’s own academic ability.  For all psychology classes a Tier 1 assignment includes classwork, homework and Lab activities.  A Tier 2 assignment includes quizzes, tests, and written assignments. -  Any further questions concerning this policy please see the Lakeland Regional High School Student Handbook.


        Please email me your questions or concerns. 

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