8th Grade Information & Open House Invitation

Welcome Class of 2024!

8th Grade Open House Presentation

Class of 2024 - 8th Grade Open House Program

8th Grade Scheduling Presentation

Please bring the registration forms and drop them off with the School Counseling Staff at the 8th Grade Open House to ensure your child is registered to attend Lakeland Regional High School next school year. If you are unable to attend, please mail the completed forms to:

Lakeland Regional High School

School Counseling & Guidance Department

205 Conklintown Road

Wanaque NJ 07465

The Open House will begin with a presentation by the administration that provides important information on the high school educational program, course scheduling, and state-of-the-art building facilities. Student leaders will conduct a formal student panel during the information session and students will provide informative orientation tours of the high school. Department supervisors, faculty, club advisers and coaches will present curricular, extracurricular and athletic displays for all program areas. Throughout the day, students, faculty, and administrators will be available to answer any questions you or your child would like to ask.

*Note: Parents should complete all of the forms sent home in the parent mailing along with the open house letter and return them at the open house!

Freshman Transition Program:

Lakeland Regional High School has developed a Freshman Transition Program which will take place one day in August. The objective of this program is to help incoming 9th-grade students adjust to the standards and requirements for meeting the needs of high school. There are many changes that take place in teenage years and multiple studies have shown that the 9th grade is a pivotal point of how students will perform throughout high school and beyond. This program is not only to make freshmen feel comfortable during the first week of school but also to show them the tools they need to be successful and well-rounded students during all four years of high school. This program will continue throughout the school year and will explore various topics at designated meeting times during the school day.