Clubs and Activities

Clubs meetings are scheduled after school. The day and time that a club meets will be agreed upon by the advisor and students. The type and number of clubs to be sponsored by the school are determined by the interests of the students. To start a new club, interested students must secure a minimum of fifteen names on a petition and present it to the Principal for consideration.

The All-School Production

Annually, students from all grades produce either a musical or dramatic show performed in the spring of the year. Talents in all areas of the theater arts are needed. No experience is necessary.

Art Club

This club gives students the opportunity to create arts and crafts through related activities. Students are encouraged to pursue creative leisure time activities by choosing activities they enjoy or would like to learn. The club meets weekly.

Astronomy Club

The Lakeland Astronomy Club introduces the glory of the night sky to students by deepening the understanding of astronomy. Providing informative discussions, sharing resources, and making observations are the goals of the Lakeland Astronomy Club. Our hope is to make astronomy fun for everyone.


The Band is an instrumental performing ensemble which meets daily and performs a wide variety of music from standard classics and pop to modern concert band literature. Band offers students an opportunity to acquire valuable experience in ensemble playing as well as solo performance. Band members must be available to march in parades and participate in concerts. Open to students on all grade levels.

Book Club

Join us twice a month in the media center for friendly “book talk” and stimulating discussion. Participate in rewarding service projects and meet new friends who love to read. All are welcome!

Chamber Singers

This is a choir of specially selected women (Grades 9-12), who are interested in and capable of performing in small vocal ensemble. Repertoire is drawn chiefly from romantic and contemporary vocal music. The Chamber Singers perform periodically throughout the year at school, community and other specially sponsored events in the New Jersey area. Rehearsals are scheduled two days per week after school.


Intensive training in ensemble and choral singing at the professional level is provided here. This choir of twenty selected voices (Grades 10-12) represents the vocal elite and is the chief touring unit of the school. The requirements for the selection include one year of large chorus work (or related vocal experience), good academic standing, and superior vocal and musical attainment. Rehearsals are scheduled after school.

Class Council

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Councils are composed of class officers who are responsible to attend all class functions and provide organizational leadership for these activities. They set the "tone" for the class members by displaying exceptional behavior, positive attitude, and leadership traits.

Color Guard

Color Guard is a visual expression of music through the use of dance, flags, rifles and sabers. A group of unified performers doing routines to live or recorded music. This is a year-round activity and is open to all students.

Culinary Cooking Club

The Culinary Cooking Club is open to any student who has completed Lakeland’s foods course. Meet with your fellow “foodies” to cook together on student-led themes and events. Challenge yourself to learn new techniques and share your own skills in our state-of-the-art cooking lab. Cook and eat at every bi-weekly meeting.

D.E.C.A. - Distributive Education Club of America

All D.E.C.A. Club participants become members of the state and national organizations. They compete in local, regional, state and national events in areas of competency taught in the classroom. Some areas of competition are Apparel and Accessories, Advertising, Display, Marketing, and Finance.

Drama Club

Drama Club is for students interested in any phase of dramatics (on stage and behind the scenes). Competition and workshops are part of the activities of this group. All are welcome, membership is always open. Meetings are weekly.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Science club is for people interested in making the world a better place for today and for the future. We will be helping the community become more aware of eco-options. To save our world , starting at Lakeland Regional High School, is our goal.

E.R.A.S.E. - End Racism and Sexism Everywhere

The E.R.A.S.E. Organization is dedicated to ending racism and sexism in our school, community and society. The activities include sensitivity programs for members and developing educational programs for Lakeland Regional High School and the elementary schools. All students are encouraged to join.

French Club

The club is open to students who are currently enrolled in French classes. This organization plans activities and trips which enrich and broaden the experiences of participants.

Fishing Club

The goal of the fishing club at Lakeland Regional High School is to promote the sport of fishing. Students will learn how to fish, fishing techniques and skills, field trips to local lakes and ponds, compete with other team members for points and standings through each outing, and the goal for the future to become a fishing team that will compete against other schools within the state and nationally.   

Gifted and Talented

Lakeland provides opportunities for gifted and talented students who demonstrate exceptionally high aptitude or academic achievements as well as those students who exhibit superior performance level skills in the arts. The program focuses on three areas of giftedness: students with general intellectual ability; those with a specific academic knowledge; and individuals who possess talent in the disciplines of art, music, voice, creative writing, or dramatics.

The Lancer Ledger

The Lancer Ledger staff covers school activities and reports on them. There is always need for reporters, photographers, typists and artists. Staff meetings are weekly. The paper is published six times a year. No experience is necessary.

L.A.S.O. – Latin American Student Organization

An organization dedicated to the appreciation of the Latino culture and improving cultural communication between students, staff, faculty and the community. By bridging the gap between monolingual and bilingual students, LASO strengthens fellow Latinos through unity, wisdom and pride. LASO helps recognize each student’s culture through various activities including: two meetings per month, community service tasks, fundraisers and celebratory events. The elective board consists of seven members whom are elected by the members of the club. LASO club members create strong, positive bonds with fellow students both within the school and community.

Latin Club

The members are encouraged to share their enthusiasm for language. Activities include social and educational gatherings; membership is open to any interested students.

L.E.A.P. - Leaders Encouraging Adolescent Progress

LEAP is a program that focuses on helping the youth of the community and promoting healthy lifestyles through taking responsibility for one’s actions and maintaining a positive attitude. L.E.A.P. is sponsored by A.W.A.R.E. A.S.A.P. (the Alliance of Wanaque and Ringwood for Education and Awareness for Substance Abuse Prevention) and Lakeland Regional H.S. Activities provide leadership and communication skills training to LRHS students so they will reach out into the schools and communities of Wanaque and Ringwood to provide positive support and be role models. Members sign a pledge to be alcohol/drug free.
L.E.A.P.’s members assist youth by volunteering at Homework Clubs at the Haskell, Wanaque and Ryerson schools, after school programs for children, ninth grade tours, Project Graduation events, and much more. They also present alcohol and other drug prevention programs to students in the younger grades.
Students interested in L.E.A.P. must go through an application process that takes place in September. Any student in any grade is eligible to apply.
Members must attend evening meetings and volunteer for a specific number of community service opportunities.

Math League

The Math League is intended to spur interest in mathematics and develop problem solving talent through the excitement of friendly competition in a timed format. In order to challenge students at all grade levels, and with varying talents, the problems range from easy to extremely difficult. Ninth grade students are in a league separate from 10th through 12th graders.

N.H.S. - National Honor Society

The membership of the National Honor Society is open to qualified juniors and seniors who must meet criteria for selection set by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Scholarship, leadership, character and service are the attributes evaluated for induction.

Nature/Hiking Club

The Nature Club is made up of individuals with both unique and diverse interests who bond together when it comes to one common theme: the environment. As part of their passion for the beauty of nature and their interest in the environment around them, Nature Club members go on routine hikes through the trails of Northern New Jersey. These exciting, energetic hikes remind members of the importance of preserving the environment. Also, in 2005, members initiated a paper-recycling program at LRHS, which they hope to maintain for years to come.

Photography Club

The theme "Curiosity about Photography" is the major element in the club. Students learn to produce excellent photos. Some color work is included in club activities. Members may become part of the yearbook staff.

S.H.S. - Spanish Honor Society

The Spanish Honor Society is a national honor society for outstanding scholars of the Spanish language. To be a member a student must have a 90 or above cumulative average in Spanish, be in a level three or higher class, and have taken three semesters, or the equivalent, of high school Spanish. Many scholarships and awards are available to members.

S.W.A.P. - Speak With a Peer

S.W.A.P. is Lakeland’s peer helper organization. Members are seen as “natural helpers” who are provided with intensive training in active listening and helping skills to enable them to assist peers to address problems more effectively. Members learn more about themselves through a variety of self-awareness experiences. The training culminates in an overnight retreat. S.W.A.P. members assist in the ninth grade orientation and transfer student orientation. They work with middle school peer helper groups and form the backbone of the peer mediation program. Members have also made presentations to parent groups addressing teenage problems. The most important work that members perform is helping peers when problems arise.

Student Council

The council members represent the students of Lakeland and are elected to office. This service oriented organization is the core group involved in student activities and affairs. The council proudly sponsors numerous activities throughout the school year to suit the needs of the student body.

Student Cultural Club

Students participate in multicultural events during and after school. Participants increase personal awareness and Lakeland's awareness of different cultures around the United States and around the world. Students may participate in trips to various regions around the country and the world with different enlightening experiences.

S.A.D.D. - Students Against Destructive Decisions

The S.A.D.D. Organization conducts many activities designed to prevent drinking and driving and discourage the illegal use of alcohol and drugs. All students are encouraged to join. Fundraisers support the costs of organization projects.

Technology Student Association

The mission of the Technology Student Association is to prepare its membership for the challenges of a dynamic world by promoting technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving, resulting in personal growth and opportunities. To help our members achieve that goal, TSA offers recognition in both technology and leadership areas. Students learn to do their best through participating in carefully designed competitions.

C. A. T. V. - Television Production Club

This club is designed to give members the opportunity to plan and produce shows, and cover school events for airing. Meetings are weekly and include instruction on studio and control room equipment and other phases of the performing arts. Programs produced by students are aired over local television station Channel 77. Students in this club may also participate in the Lancer Film Festival, an annual event at which students screen films they have produced throughout the year.

Yearbook Staff

Members of the literary staff create the yearbook and oversee its production from idea through distribution. Business staff members handle the financial efforts involved in the creation and publication of the yearbook including advertising and content.