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To review the Lakeland Regional High School application process and what students and parents need to do regarding requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation, please access your Naviance – Family Connection account.

Remember, start early and utilize your school counselor as a resource!

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Online Applications:

The Common Application
Universal Application

Two valuable resources in the college process are “The Common Application” and the “Universal Application”. These companies allow students to apply to multiple colleges using only one application form, which can save you valuable time in the college process. Click on the above links for either program to learn more, to see which colleges are members of these consortiums and learn how to start utilizing these programs.

Test Optional Colleges:

SAT / ACT Optional Colleges & Universities - FairTest

FairTest is a website which promotes schools that do not use SAT or ACT scores for admitting a substantial number of students into bachelor degree programs.  To find out more and see a list of the colleges on this list, click on the link above.

Campus Tours & Open Houses:

ECampus Tours

Virtual College Tours

Test Preparation Courses & Resources 

Kaplan (800) KAP-TEST

Lentz & Lentz (800) 866-SATS

Princeton Review (888) 955-4600

Huntington Learning Center (973) 812-7300

A NOTE FROM THE SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT These agencies are private, profit-making businesses. We provide their names for your information and convenience, but do not endorse one prep course above any other. You may find other names in the yellow pages, online or perhaps by recommendation from friends. There is considerable disagreement about the benefits of prep courses, and certainly it is not a necessity to take one. The best preparation for college placement tests is a student's lifelong learning, course work and reading background. However, because we are asked every year, we do provide this list of prep courses as a "starting point" for those who are interested.

Military Opportunities
There are over 4,100 military jobs available ranging from parttime to full time. The military may be an excellent alternative to a traditional college curriculum. Check out www.todaysmilitary.com for further information regarding positions available in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp., and Coast Guard, as well as their respective Reserve Corps. and National Guard formations.

Additionally, the military can provide additional training through the Reserve Officer Training Corps. (ROTC) as well as Service Academies and Military Colleges.

The ROTC is a program offered by the Army, Navy/Marine Corp., and Air Force throughout our nation's colleges that allows a student to have college paid for by promising to fulfill a term of duty after college ends. ROTC's are available in over 1,000 colleges and universities throughout the country, and provide students with an excellent post-high school option.

More information can be found at the following websites:
Military Opportunities    Benefits of Military Service

US Air Force Academy    US Air Force    * US Air Force ROTC

US Coast Guard Academy    US Coast Guard    *US Coast Guard ROTC

US Military Academy    US Army    *US Army ROTC

US Merchant Marine Academy

US Naval Academy     US Navy     *US Naval ROTC

Career & Technical Schools:

Career & Technical Schools

Apprenticeship Programs:

Apprenticeship Programs & Training
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