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to support the needs of our students at LRHS!

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The Lakeland PTO award mini grants to enhance the learning experiences in the classroom. Some of the grants awarded include:

In our last grant cycle we awarded to the following classroom enrichment items:

  • Stand up desks/Special Education Dept
  • Camcorder and Accessories/Science Dept
  • TI-83 calculators/Math Dept
  • Laptop computer for video production/Technology Dept
  • Seagate 4T hard drive/Business Dept
  • Ward Data hub/Science Dept.
  • Foam Mats and Indoor Carpet Tape/Special Education Dept.

*We provided three scholarships to graduating seniors.*

LRHS PTO Meetings are open to everyone.

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact us via email at:

LakelandregPTO@gmail.com or via phone:

Debbie Sienko at 201-655-1251 or Jessica DellaPenna at 973-835,1900, ext 703