The mission of the Lakeland Regional High School Library Media Center is to teach students to be effective users of information and to encourage and prepare students to be life-long learners. Through collection development, teacher collaboration, and student instruction, the library staff works to support the curriculum, teach information literacy skills, and foster literature appreciation.

This mission is accomplished by:

Providing instruction in information literacy

Providing intellectual and physical access to informational materials in a variety of formats and media

Stimulating interest in reading and in finding and using information and ideas

Promoting the use of the Media Center by students and faculty

Collaborating with teachers as instructional partners to develop research units fulfilling the state of New Jersey’s Core Content Curriculum Standards

Supporting the school's curriculum and reading initiatives

Maintaining a well-organized and well-labeled collection to aid patrons in locating information

Participating in professional growth opportunities for library media and technology applications

Cooperating with other libraries to provide materials and services to patrons


Print Resources

The Lakeland Regional High School Media Center’s collection includes

Over 14,000 books relevant to the curriculum and interests of students in grades 9-12.

A rich Reference section available for research papers and projects.

Over 100 magazines for pleasure and research

The Record, Suburban Trends, and NY Times delivered daily.

Non-Print Resources

There are 32 networked, internet-ready computers in the Media Center for student use.

Online Catalog: Follett’s Destiny software provides quick, easy access to the Media Center’s collection. Destiny allows students to search by Keyword, Title, Author, or Subject, and to check if a particular title is available before they look for it on the shelf.

Jersey Cat: The state interlibrary loan system allows our patrons to borrow books from various libraries throughout the state, including library collections at New Jersey’s colleges and universities. Books are conveniently delivered to Lakeland’s Media Center twice a week, where patrons can check them out and return them. Please be aware that the borrower is responsible for any late fees incurred from the lending library.

Databases: Lakeland offers 34 databases which provide accurate and current information on subjects across the curriculum. Included are easily searchable, full text encyclopedias, magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, as well as photographs, maps, and streaming videos. All of the databases are available from home, using passwords that can be obtained at the Media Center.

DVDs: Lakeland has a large collection of DVDs for use in the classroom. These are housed in the Media Center office, and may be checked out by teachers only.


Monday and Friday 7:30 a.m. -2:35 p.m.

Tuesday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m.

*The library is not open after school on Mondays and Fridays.


In order for students and teachers to enjoy an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Media Center staff has set forth the following expectations:

Students will work in a quiet manner and keep talking to a minimum. Loud talkers will be asked to leave.

Students will respect all Media Center property.

Students will respect and return all borrowed materials so that they may be used others.

Students will return all books and reference materials to their proper location.

Students will push in chairs and dispose of any unneeded paper or trash upon leaving.

Students will not eat or drink while in the Media Center.

Students will not access inappropriate websites, games, or chat rooms.

(See Student Acceptable Use Policy in Student Handbook).

Cell phone use is prohibited.


Reference materials may be borrowed overnight.

Circulating books may be borrowed for 30 days.

Back issues of magazines may be borrowed for 14 days.

It is not necessary to have your student I.D. to borrow a book. The Librarian can look up your name in the computer catalog.

When returning a book, please put it in the book drop.


The Media Center does not charge overdue fines for late books, but students are strongly encouraged to return books on time, so that others may use them.

Students will be fined for damaged or lost books.

Failure to return books or pay fines will result in denial of prom privileges, and/or withholding of the student’s schedule or diploma.


Students must have a pass and their student id to come to the Media Center. Passes are not required after school.


Students may use the copy machine to make free copies of library materials.

There is a black and white printer in the Media Center for student use.