Course Selection & Scheduling

In the Counseling Department, School Counselors assist students in registering for academic programs and scheduling their classes.

The counselor's role varies depending upon a student's year in school, type of program, and post-high school plans. However, the counselors act as facilitators in the decision-making process: explaining curriculum, interpreting course content, accounting for school policies and procedures, and assessing student interests and needs.

A counselor's knowledge of students, the high school curriculum, and college and technical school requirements are used with individuals or groups of students to plan appropriate programs each semester.

When academic or scheduling problems arise, counselors are available to help students and parents develop possible solutions.

Scheduling for the next school year occurs during the months of February / March!

Students will meet with their counselors individually to choose and review their course selections! Please speak with your child about their course selections as they will enter their course selections on their Realtime Student Portal account. Their availability of choices is based on the students' having met academic prerequisites and teacher recommendations. If you would like to appeal a teacher's recommendation, an appeal must be completed any time prior to the week before school ends in June.