Hello Lakeland Community,

We hope this message finds everyone happy, healthy, safe, and strong.  It has been said before, but I am exceptionally impressed with the way that our faculty, students, and staff were not only committed to the reopening, but also dedicated to providing our students with a quality education—regardless of the barriers.  I am immensely proud to work with people who are committed to getting better at “this better normal” every single day. 

We are also proud to serve such a welcoming, understanding, and supportive community. 

Below is our Virtual Back to School Event

  • Please note that this information is below, but can be also found on our website under News. 
  • The event is not just limited to one night, but the links will be open until Friday, October 1.
  • Your learner should have 8 classes (in most cases) for the year.  Once you get into the Back to School Folder you will find that classes are broken down by Department.  Click on the Department Folder>>Teacher>>Class.  Your child(ren) should be able to help navigate if there are any issues or are unsure of their classes/teachers.

You can access the presentations and videos at any time that are convenient for you.  After you view the presentations, please feel free to email the teachers with any questions you have.

We suggest working in this order:

  1. Here is a How-To-Video that provides an explanation of how to navigate the presentations. 
  2. Introduction Video from Mr. Beattie & Mr. Novak: This video serves as an introduction from Mr. Beattie and Mr. Novak.  It outlines our mission as a school, our academic programs, and the shifts that we have made this year.
  3. Back to School Night Folder: This comprehensive folder includes all of our Back to School Night presentations from our staff members.  Each faculty member is organized by department. 

Again, thank you for all of your support as we navigate this better normal.


Michael Novak

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Supervisor of Humanities, World Languages, & Performing Arts